Bettina Wild
Bettina Wild
Illustrator & Artist

Illustrator & Artist


About Me

I am an Australian artist from a realm of starlit dreams. I love vibrant colour and vivid imagination, and aspire to thread happiness, paint curiosity and inspire wonder in those who view my work.

I draw inspiration from my natural surroundings, folk tales and spirituality. I have a huge love of nature and aim to negate feelings of disenchantment in our society; to re-establish feelings of mystery and wonder for our planet in our everyday lives. I am primarily a digital artist, but also work with paints and inks to get back to my roots.

I enjoy twilight walks, genuine smiles, the feel of autumn leaves and the sound of the wind by the ocean.


Open for collaborations/commissions in:

- Storybook illustration
- Business-identity art
- Packaging design
- Music/CD covers
- Wine labels
- Concept and background art
- Personal artworks

Contact me at with your proposal and timeframes.
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